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At Scott Bradbury we use video to illustrate human skills and behaviour. Video is the perfect medium for showing how to do things and what to say in difficult situations.

We want your people to relate to the examples shown, so we use real people, not animations or cartoons. Sometimes we use graphics and ‘talking heads’ to reinforce a message, but human interaction is about the way people communicate with one another and that’s why we use people in our videos.

The medium of video is perfect for showing how to behave and what to say in all sorts of tricky situations - from working alongside a recently bereaved colleague, to explaining why you are concerned about someone’s performance. It’s why video is so powerful at illustrating human interpersonal, management and communication skills. Ask to see our full library of video learning resources.

Here are the top six trending videos for June 2024*

Coaching: The Power of Questions

Using diverging and converging questions and giving non-judgmental feedback

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What is Coaching?

Enabling others to achieve through asking questions

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Establishing Credibility

Building rapport and leading by example

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From Mate To Manager

Transitioning into a management role

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Absenteeism: Getting a Grip Part 1

The return-to-work interview

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Preventing Mistakes in Your Emails

Sending accurate, brief and clear email messages

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*based on verified data usage to 30 April 2024

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