Marketing Your Learning

How to sell your learning when you’re not a marketing person

Marketing Your Learning Toolkit

You’re an expert in instructional design and delivery, not marketing, so we help you get your message across and engage your learners. We’ve more than twenty years’ experience of promoting learning resources!

Subscribers to our WATCH & GO® digital learning resources benefit from our marketing support as part of our services.

Use the practical tips and ideas in our Marketing Your Learning toolkit to win emotional, as well as intellectual, commitment to learning in your organisation.


In this ten-minute podcast, our founder and Managing Director Catherine de Salvo shares practical tips to get your people engaged in your learning.

The podcast covers:

  • What to do when people say they don’t have time for learning
  • How to get people emotionally, as well as intellectually, committed to your learning initiatives
  • Phrases and terminology to use (and not use!) plus the must-have ingredients of successful marketing for learning.

4-minute guide

The podcast is accompanied by this easy-to-read 4-minute learning guide summarising key points for marketing your learning successfully.

Download here!

15 Tips

Read our article '15 Marketing Tips for Learning Professionals' to pick up ideas you can apply immediately to the way you promote your learning to your people.

Read it here!


5 Steps to Better Engagement

Download this handy reference guide to use every time you promote your learning. Just follow the simple steps for clear, strong messages that engage your learners.

Blending face-to-face and digital delivery

An additional way to get learner engagement is to integrate your digital resources with your face-to-face delivery, requiring participants to complete online modules embedded within your internal programmes.

We work with your internal and external training consultants to curate bespoke Learning Pathways which include your own introductory videos and downloads, as well as relevant videos, podcasts and activities from the WATCH & GO® library. Ask us for more information – start by emailing us now.