At Scott Bradbury we have two
core areas of business...

Do your people make mistakes?
We're the experts in accuracy skills.

Need great video content?
We're the experts in video learning.

Welcome to Scott Bradbury

Scott Bradbury operates in two distinct business areas: Accuracy Skills Development and WATCH & GO® videos.

We develop people's accuracy skills and attention to detail by delivering lively, participative in-house training courses. We develop people's management and communication skills by streaming our short video programmes directly to them.

Accuracy Programme

Accuracy Skills Development

We know mistakes are expensive and waste a lot of time, yet we just accept them as a fact of life, putting them down to ‘human error’. But we needn’t.

Our unique in-house programmes prove that accuracy skills can be learned, practised and measurably improved. Attention to detail, concentration skills and developing a strategy for reducing mistakes mean avoiding unnecessary costs and improving efficiency and productivity.

At school, we learn how to read, write and do calculations. But no-one ever learns how to develop accuracy skills – until they experience our programmes! Accuracy is a key human life skill which also applies to so many disciplines within the world of work.

Our clients around the world include organisations from very many sectors including banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, outsourced solutions, local government, transport and pharmaceutical.

Our accuracy skills programmes include:

  • Developing an Eye for Accuracy           
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Coaching for Accuracy
  • Preventing Mistakes at Work

“Very relevant to our daily work – thank you!”

Course delegate from an events organisation.

For course overviews, fun accuracy tests and details of our taster events, please visit our dedicated accuracy website or call 01638 723590 for a free demo.


WATCH & GO® videos

WATCH & GO® online videos deliver short punchy messages directly to your learners, at their computers and on their mobile devices. So you have effective video learning on the go!

Perfectly timed insights, phrases and ideas for learners to use in their everyday working lives mean that these videos are in demand, not just on demand! Integrated into daily activities, these videos don’t require the learner to set aside special time for learning.

WATCH & GO® videos are versatile, engaging learning resources which are welcomed by busy people who want to ‘watch and go’!  

We make it simple and straightforward for you to use our video content in any way you wish. Use our videos as standalone learning resources streamed directly to your learners, embed the videos in your online learning programmes and use them in your workshops too.

One corporate-wide subscription fee, for unlimited use of the entire library gives you great value for your budget. And our unique marketing services are included too, ensuring high take-up and sustained learner engagement.

The WATCH & GO® video library is divided into four main categories:

  • Managing People                
  • Communicating with Colleagues
  • Working with your Boss
  • Developing Yourself

“They are a superb and brilliant tool!”

Online video learner in care sector.

For examples of our WATCH & GO® videos and useful tips on useful video for learning, please visit our dedicated video website or call 01638 723590 for a free demo.