Quick Wins

Insightful podcasts on hot topics for learning and HR professionals

Quick Wins is a series of podcasts featuring thought leaders from the world of learning and development. In short, structured conversations with Scott Bradbury Managing Director Catherine de Salvo, guest contributors talk about key learning and development and HR issues.

Topics include:

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Using Learner Feedback to Drive Improvement

You can only measure and improve the value of your learning events if you collect, analyse and act on the feedback you receive from your participants.

In this Quick Wins podcast, Chris Wigglesworth, founder and Managing Director of CourseCheck, highlights the dos and don’ts of effective feedback questionnaire design.

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Marketing Your Learning

As a Learning professional you are an expert in instructional design, delivery and people development. But you probably lack the marketing skills you need to attract and hold the attention of your learners, so that they ‘buy’ your offering.

In this Quick Wins podcast, Catherine de Salvo, Founder and Managing Director of Scott Bradbury, shares insights drawn from her three decades of promoting learning resources and provides ‘quick win’ tips for increasing learner engagement.

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Money Matters at Work

Employees’ financial wellbeing, like mental health awareness, is increasingly part of the HR agenda. Everyone needs information and education about money and personal finance, and organisations can play an important role in facilitating conversations and providing support.

In this Quick Wins podcast, Dee Ruan, Financial Wellbeing Programmes Manager of The Money Charity, provides ideas for HR professionals on how to encourage good conversations about money at work, and how to build people’s confidence and understanding about personal finance.

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Delivering in the Virtual Classroom

Online delivery is here to stay as a key part of the learning mix.

In this Quick Wins podcast, Jo Cook, founder and director of Lightbulb Moment, talks openly about what to do to engage participants, how to not over-rely on webcams, and how to ensure your technology or platform is never a barrier to effective live learning in the virtual classroom.

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Diversifying your Talent Pool

Diversifying your talent pool to include marginalised or untapped groups ensures your recruitment is inclusive and also has significant social and commercial rewards.

In this podcast, James Fellowes the founder of The Bridge of Hope Careers, describes the benefits of reaching beyond your usual recruitment procedures.

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