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Meet Scott Bradbury’s new owners

Meet Ian McClelland, CEO of Academy+ and members of the new team to hear about the exciting plans and benefits to WATCH & GO® clients following the acquisition of Scott Bradbury by Academy+ Group Limited.

Ian and the team are joining us as part of our quarterly online Dolphin Forum on 2 July for 60-minutes of updates and networking from 09.30 – 10.30.

Jo Stansfield, our ‘Inclusion Moments’ and ‘Coaching for Inclusion’ podcast guest is delivering our featured topic presentation and there’s the usual chance to network with other WATCH & GO® customers and like-minded Learning & Development practitioners.

Do join us! For your invitation please contact us.

Date of Next Dolphin Forum: Tuesday, 2nd July 09.30 – 10.30 UK time.

Hot Topic Focus for June: Mental Health

Each month we curate a mini toolkit of multimedia resources on a hot topic in Learning & Development.

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For June, the hot topic focus is: Mental Health

We need to take care of our mental as well as physical health to perform at our best. That means understanding how to manage stress and anxiety levels and ensuring we take care of ourselves and our colleagues. Use the nine resources in our ‘Mental Health’ mini toolkit to support your internal programmes and to provide ad hoc support when it’s needed most.

Resources included in our June mini toolkit are:

Podcasts:  Mental Health Awareness, Talking About Menopause and Take a Breath

Interactive Skills Challenges:  Managing Anxiety, Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind and Make Room for Kindness

Videos:  Stress: Say It to Slay It, Workspace Wellbeing and Team Health

New Skills Challenge

Good Question

Questions are powerful communication tools. They can be used in a range of work situations to explore problems, discover information, develop empathy, and improve working relationships. In our new interactive Skills Challenge for June, we enable your people to test their understanding of how to use questions to:

  • Probe evidence of past behaviour in an interview situation
  • Enable someone to think through a problem or task in a coaching situation
  • Encourage a dialogue in a performance feedback situation
  • Find out what you need to know in an onboarding situation
  • Promote a culture of diversity in an inclusion situation
  • Explore how you can help, in a customer service situation
  • Encourage curiosity in a learning situation
  • ‘Good Question’ is the latest in our monthly series of interactive activities. Try it for yourself and sign up to receive these brilliant learning tools each month for free.

    Blog for June: Perennial Coaching

    Coaching resources top our list of most popular titles month after month, year after year. Coaching is not going away. So why’s it so popular and what lies ahead for this perennial training topic?

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