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1. Purpose Driven – February blog               2. Hot topic for February

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Purpose Driven

1 February 2024    5 min read

How can we use the energy and commitment associated with ‘drive’ to engage people, so they embrace learning ‘on purpose’?

Hot Topic Focus for February

Each month we curate a mini toolkit of multimedia resources on a hot topic in Learning & Development.

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For February, the hot topic focus is: Change

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re a manager needing to implement change, or an individual feeling the personal impact of change, use these resources to help you embrace it.

Resources included in our February mini toolkit are:

Podcasts:  Resilience Part 1: Mindset and Being Courageous at Work

Interactive Skills Challenges:  Fresh Perspectives and Change for Good

Videos:  What to Say When Someone Rejects Change and Change: What Managers Must Do

New podcast

State of Mind

Your state of mind provides the foundation to your success. So understanding how your thoughts and feelings directly impact your performance and wellbeing is the key to revealing your ‘best self’. In this 9-minute podcast, state-of-mind expert Karen Auld explains how the single factor that determines outstanding performance is overlooked by most people, although it’s simple to use and easy to access.

Meet other WATCH & GO® customers

The purpose of our Dolphin Forum is to facilitate networking between our WATCH & GO® resources customers and to enable you to meet our podcast guests too. At each session we have a 15-minute presentation by one of our WATCH & GO® clients, and a 15-minute presentation by one of our Sound Advice podcast speakers. The whole event takes just 60 minutes and is a great way to network with like-minded Learning & Development practitioners.

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Date of Next Dolphin Forum: Tuesday, 9th April 09.30 – 10.30 UK time.