Legal Information

Privacy, Cookies, Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. Scott Bradbury Limited is a small privately-owned business based in the United Kingdom.
    2. Scott Bradbury owns WATCH & GO digital learning services described on our website
    3. We abide by the law.
    4. We believe in transparent and honest communication with our employees, our customers, our prospects and our suppliers.
    5. We are committed to safeguarding the personal data we process in the course of our operations and work hard to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.
    6. Our aim at all times is to be responsible, relevant and secure when collecting and storing your data.
  2. Data controller and use of personal data
    1. The data controller is:
      Scott Bradbury Limited
      Unit 7, E-Space North
      181 Wisbech Road
      CB6 1RA
    2. The person responsible for data protection is Catherine de Salvo, Director.
    3. You can contact the data controller by telephone on + 44 (0)1638 723590.
    4. Scott Bradbury Limited is a company registered in England, company number 4733317.
    5. The personal data we use may include your name, your job title, your postal address, your work email address, your work telephone number (landline and/or mobile) and your IP address. Personal data may also include a link to a professional profile photograph if one is available in the public domain on a site such as LinkedIn. Specific data required for the provision of services is detailed in section 7 below.
    6. In common with other organisations, details of your visits and activity on our websites may be recorded and reported to us via Google Analytics or other third-party tracking systems to help us understand your use of our websites. We use cookies on our websites to enable us to provide relevant services and improve the experience of the visitor.
  3. Source of personal data
    1. Data held by Scott Bradbury comes from a variety of sources including:
      1. Customers who provide their contact details to us in order for us to provide services
      2. Prospects who provide their contact details to us in order for us to service their enquiries and provide information
      3. Users of our training and learning services who provide limited data (most frequently their name and work email address) in order for us to deliver our training and learning services
      4. Individuals who complete data capture forms on our websites
      5. Prospects which have been carefully desk researched and profiled to meet legitimate interest marketing standards
  4. Rights of each data subject
    1. Scott Bradbury confirms all rights for each data subject including:
      1. The right to be informed
      2. The right of access
      3. The right to rectification
      4. The right to erasure
      5. The right to restrict processing
      6. The right to object
  5. Marketing
    1. Personal data held by Scott Bradbury is not sold or traded to third parties.
    2. Email addresses are used to send promotional emails and all promotional emails have a clear facility to enable the recipient to unsubscribe from receiving information in future.
    3. Names, job titles and postal addresses are used for sending letters through the post to carefully selected groups of prospective customers.
    4. Telephone numbers provided by customers and prospects or available in the public domain are used for telemarketing purposes.
    5. Connections made via sites such as LinkedIn where individuals proactively connect with Scott Bradbury personnel may be used for promotional messages.
    6. Promotional activities are carried out lawfully and represent legitimate interest in compliance with data protection legislation and are sincerely intended to be helpful to the recipient as well as being relevant to business development activities.
  6. Data retention
    1. Data is retained for proactive marketing purposes for up to 36 months from last contact with the data subject. Older data is retained for necessary and legitimate reference purposes only - for example accessing prospect enquiry and customer buying histories.
    2. Accounts records are held and retained according to the law.
    3. Training results and service user histories are held for necessary and legitimate reference purposes.
  7. Our services requiring use of your data: StreamLearning
    1. To provide our StreamLearning video and digital learning services, known as ‘WATCH & GO’ it is sometimes necessary for us to capture, retain and use the following personal data of each user:
      1. Name
      2. Work email address
      3. Password - this is encrypted and not accessible by anyone other than the user. Passwords may be reset by the user via the platform. Passwords set for prospective customer evaluation purposes are created by Scott Bradbury and retained for reference purposes but can be changed at will by the individual user
    2. Other data which the WATCH & GO users may provide if they wish are:
      1. His or her location
      2. His or her contact work telephone number
    3. We have legitimate interest in holding data provided by StreamLearning customers and users to provide customer usage and tracking reporting. The data is retained for historical reference for clients. It is never shared with any third party.
    4. The data provided by StreamLearning customers and users is held securely on our Linode server in London and not stored outside the United Kingdom.
    5. All passwords are protected by encryption.
    6. If a user chooses to give feedback on a specific resource, they may opt to provide their name and email address, but this is at the sole discretion of the data subject.
    7. If clients choose to integrate our resources into their own internal systems using SCORM files or Single Sign On it is usually the case that no personal data other than IP addresses are captured. IP address capture is required for licensing compliance and account security.

Last updated: 2 April 2022