Managing your Workload

9 minute podcast

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A mindset for achieving more without the stress

How busy are you? Is your wellbeing suffering from feeling overwhelmed and swamped by all there is to do? You are not alone! But a mindset of feeling busy and having ‘lots on’ probably means you’re not functioning at your best. We all talk about being ‘too busy’ but whoever heard of anyone being ‘too productive’? Learn how to swap a busy mindset for a productive one. You’ll feel better and get more done.

Summary of learning messages

  • Being busy is a state of mind
    ‘Busy-ness’ is not a badge of honour showing how hard you work

  • To change our mindset, first we need acceptance and then we need perspective
    We can’t do everything we’d like to do. We need to accept that and put our tasks into perspective

  • Change your terminology
    Being ‘too busy’ means not being very effective. Being ‘productive’ means getting things done well.

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