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Kudos for KINDNESS

19th September, 20214 min read

To coincide with #Happiness at Work week our thoughts turn to that quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Read our latest blog where we give kudos for kindness in the workplace.

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The expectations and acceptances that go hand in hand with virtual meetings

31st August, 20214 min read

How do we continue to make virtual meetings productive and effective? It seems like the online meeting is here to stay, so let's embrace the screen and put ourselves at ease.

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The Happiness One

9th July, 20213 min read

It goes without saying that people who are happier at work are more engaged, more motivated, and more productive. But how can you find a happy state at work if you feel under pressure, overworked and overwhelmed? And, as a manager or leader, how can you create a happiness culture that isn’t forced and contrived.

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Respect is at the heart of hybrid working

18th June, 20213 min read

Hybrid working is a hot discussion topic. But how are organisations approaching discussions on a blended, flexible approach to their teams being both home and office based?

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Video: The versatile learning resource

14th May, 20213 min read

Video content is a valuable asset in your L&D library. But how can you make the most out of this versatile learning resource?

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Why I’m hooked on podcasts for learning

10th March, 20213 min read

The popularity of the podcast has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. Where once the listening medium was ruled by the broadcasting airwaves there is now a plethora of podcasts. Whether you are tuning in for education, inspiration, for personal or professional reasons, or as a source of entertainment, there really is something out there for everyone.

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The human connection: effective online learning in 2021

4th January, 20214 min read

Our word of the year for 2020 was ‘human’. In this short article we explore how the essential human connection required for effective learning need not be lost when we learn online in 2021.

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Gratitude: Giving thanks, wellbeing and 2021

4th December, 20204 min read

As our thoughts turn to 2021, we explore how and why to give thanks, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. How can gratitude improve our wellbeing and strengthen us for the challenges ahead? 4-minute read

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Lockdown: has it changed online video learning for good?

1st September, 20205 min read

Scott Bradbury reports on its clients’ video learning usage before and after the lockdown and provides useful benchmark data for you to compare with your own experiences. Has the Covid-19 lockdown really changed online video learning habits? 4-minute read.

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A familiar ring?

1st July, 20204 min read

Answering an all important phone call surrounded by distractions? In this 4-minute article we take a look at some tips on how to stay focused and professional despite a bustling background.

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The crunch of coronavirus change for a fractious family of four

5th June, 20206 min read

Can families adhere to the six principles of change? Clarity, Belief, Desire, Fairness, Commitment and Purpose. The coronavirus pandemic has made sweeping changes across society. In this 4-minute article we look at how one family have adapted and tell their story through the change principles.

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The Elves and the Older Worker

26th November, 20194 min read

Due to a rapidly growing population, the North Pole has tripled its operational capacity over the last fifty years. And like many corporate businesses with large operational workforces, the North Pole has been forced to adapt. But they are having problems with Santa Claus!

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