Secrets of Better Sleep

9 minute podcast

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How to relax and let go of your busy day

We all sometimes suffer from periods of poor sleep - it’s something we all relate to. When we’ve had a bad night’s sleep it’s difficult to concentrate well and our work performance is sub-optimal. Practising stress-reducing techniques and improving our ‘sleep hygiene’ is good for our physical health and for our wellbeing at work. There are simple steps we can take to enable us to sleep well and to resume sleep if we wake in the night.

Summary of learning messages

  • Learn simple breathing and relaxation exercises to get to sleep
    Use calming techniques to reduce the background level of stress hormones

  • Get up and go to bed and the same time every day
    Long-term sleep issues are often resolved by improving sleep hygiene

  • Watch out for signs that can indicate that you are not getting enough sleep
    If you are groggy when you wake up, feel irritable or are forgetful, you may be sleep deprived

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