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WATCH & GO® is our digital streaming service and platform, which comes free with your annual subscription to our resources.

  • A custom-built interface, Single Sign On facility and SCORM integration are included
  • Bespoke Learning Pathways are created to complement your internal programmes.

“We renew each year with Scott Bradbury because we like the WATCH & GO® platform and appreciate the support team’s availability and attentiveness to our needs. The service and resources are great value!”

Maggie Walsh, Elis

Skills Challenges

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Our short, interactive activities get your people thinking about how they do everyday tasks.

This month's challenge is Being Accountable.

Learning Pathways

Use our curation services to build bespoke learning pathways to complement your internal initiatives. We can include your own content (video, audio, written) alongside the WATCH & GO® resources to create digital learning experiences that complement your face-to-face delivered programmes. We do all the work for you, and we track enrolment and completion rates for you too.

Blog: Accountability

‘Accountability’ appears frequently in our clients’ stated Values and Leadership Frameworks. Here we explore how to engender a culture where individuals feel confident about taking ownership of their actions and behaviours and are open to learning from mistakes.