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“What we really liked about WATCH & GO was that the platform was mobile-friendly and compatible with multiple devices”

Dan Church, Digital Learning Manager, Transport for London


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The challenge

Transport for London (TfL) has over 27,000 employees across London. Many employees are constantly moving around the transport network, which means TfL needed a learning resource that could be used on-the-go. Many operational staff don’t have access to a computer. The resource also needed to be ready-made and easy to implement. Scott Bradbury’s WATCH & GO videos fitted well with these requirements and delivered that standalone support outside of training sessions TfL were looking for.

What we did

WATCH & GO videos were originally just for operational staff, but over the last five years TfL has made the videos available to all employees. They were able to do this because of the WATCH & GO’s corporate-wide licence, which allows for limitless access for everyone within TfL. As well as accessing WATCH & GO through their LMS, intranet and internal search engines, the videos are available outside of these areas so their people can access the resources from their personal mobile devices. Dan and the team also use the videos in their classroom-based training sessions.

The outcome

TfL is a long-standing user of WATCH & GO videos - since April 2014. As part of our ongoing support, the L&D team receive marketing copy, custom content mapping and monthly usage reports. They can also view real-time reports. Viewing figures from TfL have been consistently strong. Videos which appear to be especially popular include Establishing Credibility and What To Say When You Want To Coach Someone, but the flexibility of WATCH & GO means that TfL employees can access all titles at the point of need.

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Establishing Credibility

WATCH & GO means that our people can have support outside of workshops

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