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Matthew Head with Scott Bradbury Trainer, Greg Fradd


Services provided: Developing an Eye for Accuracy  Sector: Transport and Logistics

The challenge

Matthew Head, Training & Competency Manager for Anglia Outer Operations, contacted Scott Bradbury after local signallers had been involved in minor routing incidents. Matthew wanted to identify why the incidents occurred and improve the skills of his people to reduce the likelihood of such incidents happening again.

"The signallers both had slips in concentration and wrongly platformed trains at Cambridge Station, a very busy bottleneck. Whilst the incidents were minor, they had a large impact on the operational railway. Financial costs were incurred as well as an increase in the signaller’s workload" Matthew explains. Matthew identified a non-technical skills package to help the signallers, but soon realised he needed to get to the root of the problem - accuracy skills. The signallers needed to reduce their error rate and get things right first time, every time.

What we did

After a conversation with Scott Bradbury's, Alice Hubbard, it was agreed that the Developing an Eye for Accuracy workshop with its practical error prevention techniques could be the solution. However, there were reservations - would the workshop have any relevance to signallers, controllers and other frontline staff? The workshop starts with a pre-course questionnaire, to determine current accuracy skills of the participants. Throughout the two half-day workshop participants then learn practical techniques for capturing, communicating and checking information correctly. With a post-course questionnaire at the end of workshop, the ability to measure improvements was really attractive to Network Rail.

The outcome

"At the end of the workshop there was a significant improvement in errors. Post workshop I have spoken to their Line Manager who said they both found the workshops useful and are using the techniques in reducing operational errors and incidents" Matthew comments.

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Achieved 65% improvement in accuracy

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