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“Scott Bradbury’s after-service has been absolutely fantastic! They have always gone above and beyond the call of duty and that really impresses us”

Maria Pym, Life L&D Administrator, LV=


Services provided: Developing an Eye for Accuracy  Sector: Insurance

The challenge

LV= aims to be Britain’s best-loved insurer and therefore demands exceptionally high standards from staff who are working with large volumes of numerical and verbal data on a daily basis. It is key to their business to understand and eliminate errors and a taster workshop delivered by Scott Bradbury early in 2013 was so well received that LV= immediately signed up for the Developing an Eye for Accuracy programme.

What we did

As well as the Developing an Eye for Accuracy programme, LV= signed up for Scott Bradbury’s Train-the-Trainer course which saw four of its employees qualify to become internal trainers. Developing an Eye for Accuracy is held in such high regard by LV= that it now forms part of the company’s six-month training plan for new starters.

The outcome

More than 120 LV= employees have completed the Developing an Eye for Accuracy programme. Trainers like the fact that the course is full of mini assessments and exercises that maintain participants’ interest. Training delivered internally by LV= accredited trainers achieved an 80% reduction in errors and a 3% increase in processing speed during the initial implementation. Even six months after the original training course, tests showed that improvements in accuracy had been sustained, with a 35% reduction in errors and a 3.5% increase in processing speed compared with the pre-training results.

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Achieved 80% improvement in accuracy

Really interesting and insightful course

Looking forward to having the team deliver it!

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