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Working with and supporting our local community for over 17 years


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The challenge

“Our aim is to do business locally whenever possible - whether that's delivering our learning resources to local enterprises, or buying in services that we need to keep everything running smoothly at Scott Bradbury” explains Catherine de Salvo, Managing Director of Scott Bradbury.

What we did - Accuracy skills workshops

Since 2003 Scott Bradbury has been training organisations across the Cambridgeshire region - logistics, manufacturing, transport and technology companies, as well as local universities and solicitors. Organisations include JDR Cable Systems, International Procurement & Logistics, and most recently Network Rail, whose signallers at Ely station benefitted from practical accuracy techniques to keep our local trains running smoothly.

Local support - Maintaining our business

We believe in the importance of supporting local business and we actively choose local organisations to support the day-to-day running of Scott Bradbury. All are based within a twenty-mile radius of our Fordham based office:

  • Mattioli Woods provide their expertise in employee benefit services to our team
  • Kate and her team at Fletcher Thompson provide accountancy services to us
  • Tom and Rosemary at Wrkm8s provide their design expertise for our corporate communications, participant manuals as well as inspiring changes to our website
  • Burwell Cleaning keep our offices spic and span!
  • Cambridge Filmworks are our video production agency of choice; we have worked with Adam and Rich for many years. The footage they create for our WATCH & GO videos exceeds the brief and breathes life into our scripts.

We work both internationally and locally - throughout the world and across the UK. It's always a special pleasure to work with and support enterprises close to home in Cambridgeshire. These local organisations are at the heart of our operations. Thanks Cambridgeshire community for supporting and working alongside us!

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Drawn by honorary Scott Bradbury team member, Maisie McVee, aged 10

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