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“We have customers across the globe who expect us to get things right. The training was incredibly appropriate”

Hely Salminen, Business Operations Manager, Avnet


Services provided: Developing an Eye for Accuracy  Sector: Information Technology

The challenge

Avnet design, supply and deliver for manufacturers around the world. Avnet’s engineers are on the front line of innovation, and are supported by sales, supply-chain, design chain and service teams. “We have constant time pressures and deadlines. When comparing data, somebody takes down the wrong number or misspells an address. We can be discussing transactions for weeks or months, trying to correct problems. Too much time, energy, and money is spent fixing misplaced dots or missing commas. As a manager, when mistakes are made in my department it causes me greater stress, extra travel, time spent talking to the customers, and re-training people” said Hely Salminen. Avnet knew that if they could reduce the number of errors being made by their teams processing information, they would save both time and money. It was important to them to create a positive and supportive accuracy culture.

What we did

After an in-house demo, Avnet decided to do something to improve the productivity of their teams from a variety of departments. Developing an Eye for Accuracy suited Avnet with its targeted practices to improve checking and transferring data. Scott Bradbury Accuracy Trainer, Greg Fradd, tailored the programme to be specific to the types of information the participants worked with daily. Scott Bradbury are providing resources and guidance to ensure participants sustain their improvements in the long run.

The outcome

Developing an Eye for Accuracy proved to be highly popular and enjoyable for all participants. The team achieved a reduction in errors of 61%. Processing speeds became much faster too, with highly impressive increases of 10% and 20%.

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Achieved 61% improvement in accuracy

Enjoyable and useful training

Very knowledgeable trainer

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