1st October 2019

7 tips for achieving success in uncertain times

  1. Embrace the uncertainty

Uncertainty is not unusual. Organisations encounter varying degrees of change and uncertainty all the time. And when the signs are negative, it’s tempting to batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to blow over. But that wastes valuable opportunities to explore the possibilities. By embracing uncertainty, investigating new avenues and proactively managing downsides, you take the initiative.

  1. Adopt a positive mindset

It’s easy to be discouraged if people are unclear on how things will turn out. But this is not new or isolated to periods of uncertainty. If people are proactive and take the initiative, they are much more likely to be in a positive mindset. It is this positive mindset which will prove key to long term success.  

  1. Gather all the information available

When the future is uncertain it is imperative to evaluate what is unknown, but also look ahead to what is known and what is likely to happen. It’s essential to be prepared for all eventual outcomes.

  1. Discuss the situation

Be direct. Discussions should not be isolated and restricted to internal conversations only. Encourage discussion with colleagues, suppliers, customers, and even where appropriate, competitors. Ultimately, open and frank dialogue is a much more effective activity than avoidance.

  1. Stay focused

During uncertain times you need clarity. It’s easy to lose direction, focus and motivation. Lack of direction and a negative mindset can paralyse teams, departments and organisations. During periods of uncertainty, it is important that people know what to do and are focused on achieving outcomes.

  1. Do something

Once the possible outcomes have been discussed and the decision has been taken to act. Do it. Test your various ideas. Track outcomes and see how your efforts are working. Learn from what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Keep a clear head  

Accept the uncertainty for what it is. Don’t try to deny it or stick your head in the sand. Addressing the issues arising from the uncertainty requires you to be clear-headed, so getting angry or upset about it won’t help. Instead, think about what problems are thrown up by the uncertainty and set about addressing them logically.


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7 tips for achieving success in uncertain times

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