22nd March 2016

Accuracy training pays off with groups achieving 99% accuracy!

Groups of delegates attending Developing an Eye for Accuracy during February and March 2016 have achieved post-training error rates of well under 1%. In their post-course assessments, two groups from an international French bank in London achieved error rates of 0.69% and 0.31%, meaning a reduction in errors of 67% and 94% respectively.  Meanwhile in Leeds, delegates from a consumer data organisation have just achieved a 62% reduction in errors ending their training with an error rate of just 0.69%.  

Master Accuracy Trainer and author of accuracy skills training programmes, Hugh Murray, commented, "These results show what is possible when people apply simple data accuracy techniques. By reaching an error rate of well under 1%, the people in these organisations are being more productive and more efficient - and their organisations are measurably saving time and money. Groups who score such very low error rates should be congratulated and we look forward to monitoring progress with these individuals back in the workplace."

Accuracy training pays off with groups achieving 99% accuracy!

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