Our expertise in accuracy skills

We believe that everyone can learn to be more accurate.

Since 2003 we have been working with organisations to improve people's accuracy skills and attention to detail. By reducing error we enable our clients to make significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Developing an Eye for Accuracy is our proven training programme for employees who read, check or transfer data. Preventing Mistakes at Work is our new workshop for managers who want to understand why mistakes occur and need to develop strategies to make sure that they don't!

Our team of expert Accuracy Consultants work with organisations throughout the UK, Europe, India and Australia to develop people’s accuracy skills and reduce the cost of error.

Our dedicated accuracy skills website is at www.accuracyprogramme.co.uk

Our expertise in video learning

We believe in communicating clear, simple and effective messages.

Many learning resources fall into the trap of cramming too many messages into one programme. This means there's nothing concrete for learners to grasp and apply to their day-to-day work.

We don't overcrowd our programmes with loads of ideas. Instead our short WATCH & GO® videos illustrate just two or three key practical concepts, which your people can pick up and apply right away.

Our expertise in developing video for learning goes back to the 1980s when videos were on VHS tape and used in residential training courses. Nowadays, we stream all our videos all over the world, directly to learners at their desks and on their mobile devices.

Our dedicated WATCH & GO® video website is at www.watchandgovideos.co.uk



Communicating with us

When you contact us, you know you’re communicating with someone who really knows about our programmes and cares about the success of your accuracy training delivery and online video learning provision.


Angie Dean
Accuracy Training

Developed by us, especially for you

All our programmes are researched, developed and promoted by us, so we know them inside out. We don’t distribute for any other producer. We pride ourselves on our reputation and our work. We care that our programmes work for you.

See for yourself

The best way for you to evaluate what we do is to request a free in-house demonstration or to attend one of our open events. That way, you see for yourself how our services achieve what you need. We also offer lively, hands-on taster sessions about video learning and accuracy skills for you to incorporate into your Learning Week and Lunch & Learn sessions.


One of our events

About our directors

Scott Bradbury was founded by Hugh Murray and Catherine de Salvo and is named after their two primary schools – Dame Bradbury in Saffron Walden and Scotts Park in Bromley. There never was a Mr Scott Bradbury at the company!


Hugh Murray

Hugh Murray

Hugh Murray is a guru of the learning world. He founded specialist training publisher Fenman in the 1980s, launched the UK’s first ever online community for HR and L&D professionals (UK-HRD), published the Training Journal magazine until 2002 and is well-known in the industry for his acclaimed work as a video script-writer and presenter.


Catherine de Salvo

Catherine de Salvo

Catherine de Salvo likes to make things happen! With a focus on results, she has been working with clients in the learning and development sector for more than twenty-five years. But it is her knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for her subject, rather than her length of service in the sector, that have made Catherine a leading authority in the industry.