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Once you have registered you will have online access to all of our DVDs so that you can decide if you would like to buy them. There are unscrupulous people out there (not you, obviously) who might try to use our programmes for training without paying for them and so we need to control who can see them and make sure that only people like you, genuine trainers looking for helpful material to buy, can do so. That is why we need to ask you to register and log in.

What will we do with the information that you provide?

We will store it on our server so that you may login again in future without having to register again. We may also use it to ask you what you thought about our programmes and if you would like to buy any of them. We would like to be able to use it to contact you in future about new products or services that we may offer. However, we don’t want to do that without your permission so please tick the opt-out box if you would prefer that we didn’t do this.

What we won’t do is share your information with anyone else.

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