Absenteeism:Getting a Grip

Absenteeism is costly. But do your managers know how to deal with it?

This programme illustrates simple, practical steps your managers can take to reduce unjustified absence.

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Author and presenter Hugh Murray FCIPD takes your managers through what they must do each and every time a member of their team is away.

Your managers learn how to conduct effective Return-to-Work Interviews and how to conduct Absence Review Meetings for those more difficult, persistent cases.

The programme explains why managers must never ignore an absence and illustrates the benefits of communicating with someone when they're away. If your managers show that they are concerned, in the case of genuine illness, and that they're on top of the problem, if it's an unjustified absence, they will find managing attendance much easier. And by consistently using the techniques set out in this programme they will reduce unnecessary absence whilst remaining firmly within the law.

Workshop and online blended delivery

Absenteeism: Getting a Grip is available as a resource pack and as an online video tool.  For a blended implementation, ask your managers to view the short videos before attending your workshop.  And whenever a team member is absent in future, the online videos are a perfectly timed quick reminder of what to do.  Get both the resource pack and the first year's subscription to the online videos for just £992 + VAT.  And thereafter choose whether to keep the videos available online for just £495 + VAT per year. That's for unlimited use for everyone within your organisation.  Call 01638 723590 for more details and a free demo of the online service.

What do I do now?
What's included?
  • Film on DVD, (12 minutes)

  • Part One and Part Two

  • Presented by Hugh Murray FCIPD

  • Comprehensive User's Guide with ready-made activities & training plan

  • PowerPoint slides to accompany the programme


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